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working with next.js + tailwindcss

interested in machines, clouds, biolife.

I solve leetcode problems, write code,build web things, bots, CLI's. I am keen to meet people from different backgrounds Biology, Technology, Space.

Back Story

On July 2021, I start learning about programming and really in my head i don't had any future plans with it, I still remember like a 🦜 parrot I was memorizing each and every syntax and syntaxes of HTML, yeah i am serious about it, I was memorizing it. I thought it only the way. then i though PYTHON is so cool, so i start learning that, at that time only knew was HTML, with python I first time use terminal(to run my code).

  1. 1. teriminal calulator
  2. 2. simple guessing game
i really enjoyed it. but i got bored of it. the i tried around september to learn flutter to make a music player, for my mobile, and during this time i has made my first Github repo, also the app it is still not being made but i am still learning it.

till now it has being more than 6 months learning programming as I didn't made any plans for programming in my life, i was just making simple simple things with it, but I came to know reading books, writing examing papers, I won't be contining that because from last 6 months i havn't touched my book wrote a single of sentence even as the college was online was just google to pass my exams I knew it wouldn't last long and from then i made my plan to learn programming.

After that thought I learn frontend-end dev, I again HTML gain and learn CSS and more to React after learning react I made my first working project which can view in any device, it was an cryto price check i has used react and pasted the CSS from a youtube link (as still at the point I was good at CSS) but yet it is working live, with this I keep learning more about react and making project after this I learn about CSS, TailwindCSS(now i love it), Next.JS, Firebase, MongoDB an so on.

with in the course it took me more than 3 months i learn several stuffs at fronted-end built a lot of projects, API's, i has also made twitter clone, an API which is having Apple Store Products, Nike UI and the journey is going on.


~800 contributions in this year and counting...


Currently, I am working as a Frontend dev @aimage remotely, there we focus on making an ai engine that can recommend better products for you users.


I have a HP Pavillion 360 with Ryzen 5 processor and 8GB RAM as my primary laptop and I have learn programming get an internship with this, I have a Samsung Galaxy F22 mobile to mobile communication, also for with my laptop i use an external wireless keyboard from @Logitech and a mouse from @Dell, for taking calls i use a wireless buds @Realme Q2 neo. I wear a Band from @HUAWEI Band 4 almost daily, and yeap that all.


Daily I use VSCode for almost all my project but some times I use NANO for coding generally while learning data struture and algo; because i know MAANG provides google docs to test programming skills, so i am getting prepared for that.